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Potter's Pulse - keep your finger on it...

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Community Spotlight

Student Potter: Tonya Biondi

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I have always been interested in working with clay, even as a young child. I grew up in the upstate of SC wandering around our 33 acres of woods, farmland, lake & stream. Every summer we would go to Lake Keowee, known for its red mud clay banks. I would dig in the mud and make little animals, cups & bowls. I have always been drawn to shops and galleries with pottery and have a collection from the many areas I have traveled across the US and Europe.


Even though I have long loved pottery, I have never taken classes until another artist told me about Old Borough Hall Pottery in High Bridge NJ. I am so very thankful I have found a special place where I feel right at home. I’ve taken classes from most all the instructors and I love communing and learning from my fellow potters. When I am at the studio I could stay for hours! I am at such peace and there are no worries on my mind. OBHP is my little get-away close to home (and my family knows not to interrupt me when I’m at the studio 😁)


My father got into pottery at the age of 72 (4 years ago) and has now started teaching me. He has his own studio in SC which I visit regularly and find it hard not to be in the studio all day long! My dad and I recently went to the NCECA pottery conference in Richmond, VA where we spent four, 8-hour days learning EVERYTHING clay. The conference really got my juices flowing, watching and listening to hours of instruction, viewing the incredible works of potters all across the states and communing with other potters from different backgrounds, along with visiting all the booths of the vendors and learning about their products. We visited many galleries around the Richmond area as well. My favorite was the gallery “Of Mud & Blood” where potters and tattoo artists collaborated, creating incredible works of art together!











                                              Next year NCECA will be in Salt Lake City!

Recently, I have been thinking about the direction I would like to go with my pottery. Since I grew up in the woods and on farmland, I have always been drawn to all things in nature. Today I lead groups on hikes all over the NJ and NY area. I find myself observing the tree bark, leaves, plants, flowers and picking up rocks, bark, moss, and feathers. When working with clay, I tend to move towards adding elements of nature to my work. I enjoy making clay flowers, leaves & vines and carving flowers. I also like to make impressions in the clay of the many varieties of leaves, shells, seaweed, ferns & bark I have collected. I love the combination of a thrown piece with added hand built elements. I’ve recently been trying to create unique ways of including my collections of rocks, feathers & sticks to my finished pieces.























I have found myself wondering what direction I would like to go with my clay creations and I think I have found my niche. A BIG thank you to Rachel and OBHP for bringing clay and creativity to my world!
























We would like to thank Tonya for sharing her story with us! Tonya has been a student at Old Borough Hall Pottery since we first opened - she's an OBHP OP! (Original Potter :) and we are lucky to have her. 


With gratitude,

Rachel and the OBHP Team

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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have - offering Peace.Love.Pottery. 7 days a week at OBHP!


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