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Class Description

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No limitations!


We do not create detailed syllabi for the sessions as we have students with a range of experiences and we want to be able to meet each potter where they are and allow the autonomy to work at one's own pace as well as in the method/style each potter chooses.  That being said, for beginning potters: 

  • For those interested in working on the wheel (most folks are), we will move through the fundamentals of wheelwork starting with a basic cylinder followed by an exploration of various shapes: bowl, vase, plates, mugs, etc.  (For more advanced students we will work with lidded containers, pitchers, teapots etc.)

  • We will cover glazing techniques, etc.   

  • As part of the work being done, students will learn about the different tools used in a studio.  We will have the opportunity to use the slab roller and extruder - stables of equipment in a pottery studio. 

  • Design methods in both glaze and surface work will be taught.  

  • For those interested in hand-building, we will cover the 3 methods of hand-building: Pinch, Coil, and Slab. 

  • And we're going to have fun!


The Product

How many pieces can we plan on completing?

This is entirely based on the pace of each student and their level of experience.  Pottery making is also a process.  If working on the wheel, pots can be thrown in one class.  The following week students will trim the pots after they are leather heard.  Once bone dry pots will be bisque fired.  After the pots are bisque fired they can be glazed.  Once glazed they can be immediately glaze fired.  That said, you will essentially have two cycles to complete work (each cycle takes 4 sessions).  Within each cycle, you can produce as many pots as your heart desires and time allows :)

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Materials and Cost

We got you covered!


The cost for each 8-week session is $425 and includes: instruction, one 25 lb bag of clay, access to tools and equipment, all glazes, and all firings. Student will have the option to purchase additional clay if they burn through their first bag - clay for purchase will be available in the studio and ranges between $20-$30 per 25 lb bag.

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